Edgewater Resort & Spa, Rarotonga
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Edgewater Resort and Spa

The Edgewater Resort & Spa has adopted a new concept for its entire property. On Friday 2 December the Resort proudly revealed to the public its new cultural initiative “TE PAE TAI NUI, Your Village by the sea”.  The aim is to provide guests of the Resort with an experience that places emphasis on authentic cultural understanding.

General Manager, Chris McGeown, addressed guests to the ceremony and described the different aspects of the overall plan. “Our focus for 2012/2013 is to be recognised as providing our guests with the most authentic holiday experience in the South Pacific. A great example is our Resorts new Village Concept - “TE PAE TAI NUI, your village by the sea”. 

The concept is aimed at creating a village ambience by infusing the Resort with cultural influences and integrating Cook Islands culture and tradition in the delivery of our products and services. The new look and feel of the Resort will immerse guests in its refreshed environment that will provide them with a cultural holiday experience. 

“What we have done is twofold. Firstly, we have renamed each of our accommodation facilities after an island in the Cook Islands. So when guests come and stay at Edgewater – they’ll be staying in Manihiki, or Pukapuka or one of the other sister islands to Rarotonga. We have themed the rooms around the specifics of that island with an aerial photo, a small piece of history and an island artefact”.

McGeown went on the explain that “The layout of the property reflects the actual topography of the Cook Islands i.e. Southern Group islands on the Southern side of the property and Northern Group islands on the Northern side”

“Secondly, the new Village Gate is prominently located at the entrance of the Resorts main facilities and is the gateway to the beginning of the guest’s cultural experience. The village concept will be the focal point for injecting a greater Cook island flavour into our activities programme and cultural shows”.

The Resort staff are right behind this initiative and have often taken the lead in making sure that we deliver a truly authentic experience.  “As you can see the staff are right behind this initiative. If an idea gets the staff endorsement it will work”.

It was a wonderful morning and a very moving ceremony.  The Edgewater Resort & Spa would like to thank all invited guests for celebrating with us, and Ewan Smith of Air Rarotonga for the use of his island aerial shots, which will adorn each room according to which island they represent. 

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