Edgewater Resort & Spa, Rarotonga
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Edgewater Resort and Spa

The Shirtliff family from Auckland have a special reason for being at The Edgewater Resort & Spa.  The family group of 25 arrived in Rarotonga last Saturday for a fun-filled week together on a “SKI” trip. 

There are four generations making up the 25 members, with Keith and Audrey at the top.  Keith passed away several years ago, and they all decided instead of receiving their heritance after Audrey has gone, why not spend it now, and with Audrey!   This is where their SKI t-shirts came in – meaning “Spending Kids Inheritance”, and Audrey’s shirt printed with “Ski Instructor”.  So mum paid for everyone and they are all really happy they chose this option, as family and making memories are important to both Keith and Audrey, and on this trip, that is what it’s all been about. 

Audrey, described as a young 78, has had the most wonderful time in Rarotonga and taken part in all the activities you could imagine! 

The four generations for Audrey make up children, grandchildren and one great-grand child (with another one on the way).  Amazingly, they all still live in Auckland, with just one grandchild coming back from Canada to join in this fantastic memory-making holiday.

They all had a fantastic time at The Edgewater Resort & Spa, being able to take advantage of several of our 3 bedroom family villas - which was just the perfect place for them all.  What a neat family!

Images L-R:

4 generations, Kurt (eldest grandson), Audrey, Blake (great grandson), Kevin (eldest son)

The SKI clan (in family order):  Audrey Shirtliff, Kevin, Kurt, Luke, Logan, Gina & Blake, Lesley & Keiron. Lydia, Steve & Matthew. Raewyn, Neil, Brad, Hayley & Ethan. Glenda, Kevin, Carl, Logan & Harrison. Yvonne & (Adam & Amanda – absent: out scootering & horseriding)

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